And this from Clarence S. Darrow

“The courts do not consider a question at point and administer justice,” he continued. “They look up the law in books. If they were to take questions up without the intervention of lawyers, they might accomplish something. But when a rich corporation goes to law, it hires the best legal talent. Pitted against it is a poor man, whose lawyer is probably trying his first case. If it was a prize ring and you pitted a dwarf against a man like Jack Johnson the crowd wouldn’t stand for it.”

“The constitutional guarantee as to free speech and free press,” said he, “amounts to nothing. The Constitution guarantees every citizen the right to bear arms, but every organized town can pass an ordinance preventing the citizen from carrying a pistol. Free speech and the free press have been legislated against repeatedly in Federal, State and municipal laws.”

–Attorney Clarence S. Darrow, Excerpted from the article Urges Votes For Women As Remedy For Unrest.

[Richmond Times-Dispatch, Richmond, VA. Tuesday, May 18, 1915. Volume 65. Number 138 Pg. 4]


The Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms shall NOT be infringed.

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