Firearms Ads

from American history:

Following is a representative sampling of firearms advertisements in American history. There are hundreds more that can be uploaded, (all the way into the 1920’s), but these should do presently.

The purpose of this page is to let people see for themselves that American media all across the nation used to regularly allow firearm advertisements in their publications. That the media outlets actually used to care about We The People being encouraged to exercise our constitutionally secured right. Which is far different from what we see today. Why would we support media that doesn’t actually care about us? That only cares about money, and furthering their political agendas? As well as actively urges for our right to be infringed upon?

A Parcel of good Muskets, all well fitted with Bayonets, Belts and Cartouch-Boxes, and Buff Slings to cast over the Shoulder, very useful to such as have Occasion to ride with their Arms; To be sold by B. Franklin.

[Pennsylvania Gazette, March 8, 1748.]
Respectfully inform the public . . . They will keep on hand, or make at short notice, Pistols, cut and smooth bor’d Rifles, and Fowling Pieces, of the first rate.

[Ontario Repository, (Canandaigua, N.Y.), Marckley & Southerland Ad, March 15, 1814.]
The subscriber has just received and wilt sell for ready pay, at the old stand, Rifles, Horse-pistols, Muskets and Bayonets, Pocket-pistols, Powder-flasks, Hunting-guns.

[The Middlebury People’s Press, Wm. Bowers Ad, Aug. 31, 1841.]
Pistols at from $16 to $28 each, in a case with equipments. Great impositions are practiced upon the public in representing and selling the self-cocking and revolving six-barrel Pistol for Colt’s Repeating Pistol”/500 Double Barrel Guns, various prices . . . 2500 pairs of Pistols.

[New-York Daily Tribune, John Ehlers/A.W. Spies & Co. Ads, May 1, 1845.]
Rifle, Gun And Pistol Manufacturers . . . Every description of Patent Fire Arms repaired with accuracy.

[American Republican And Baltimore Daily Clipper, C.W. Cleveland & Co. Ad, Sept. 9, 1845.]
SHOT GUNS from $3 to $15. Smooth Bored RIFLES, a neat article. Second-hand GUNS from 75¢ to $3. . . . REVOLVER–6 shooters; Rifle, and other pistols.

[Vermont Watchman & State Journal, Wooster Sprague Ad, Oct. 19, 1848.]
Fire-Arms Of Every Description. S.B. has on hand Rifles, Guns, Pistols, &c. &c. of his own manufacture and imported, which he offers for sale at reasonable prices.

[Indiana State Sentinel, Samuel Beck Ad, Jan. 9, 1849.]
All men who need a gun, Rifle or Yagar or even a brace of good Pistols, will please take notice.

[Glasgow Weekly Times, C.B. Fallenstein Ad, Dec. 19, 1850.]
Guns. Single and double, English and American . . . also a variety of Rifles. Pistols. English and German pocket, belt and holster; Colt’s and Allen & Thurber’s Revolvers.

[New-York Daily Tribune, Wm. H. Cary & Co. Ad, Feb. 3, 1851.]
The subscriber has on hand and for sale, a general assortment of fine and common double and single barrel shot guns, rifles and yaugers; Colt’s Revolvers, pocket pistols, powder flasks, &c., at very low prices for cash.

[Democratic Banner, J.Y. Johnson Ad, April 14, 1851.]
Importers of . . . Fine Guns, Rifles, Pistols And Revolvers.

[New Orleans Daily Crescent, Hyde & Goodrich Ad, “(established thirty-five years,) Jan. 1, 1852.]
Guns, Rifles, Pistols . . . A constant supply of COLT’S PISTOLS, of all sizes.

[New-York Daily Tribune, Francis Tomes & Sons Ad, April 7, 1852.]
Self-Protection . . . has just received, per steamer from Roanoke, a fine assortment of Colt’s and Allen’s Pistols, single self-cocking Pocket and Rifle Barrel Pistols.

[The Daily Dispatch, Jas. Walsh Ad, Nov. 10, 1852.]
Respectfully informs his Old Customers, and the public generally . . . he has and will constantly keep on hand not only a good, but BETTER assortment of Rifles, Fowling pieces and Pistols.

[The Jackson Standard, Jackson Rifle Factory Ad, March 31, 1853.]
Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets . . . Washington, D.C. Goods As Low, wholesale or retail, as in any city in the Union . . . Guns, Rifles, Pistols, Ammunition of all kinds . . .

[Daily Evening Star, Washington, D.C., Metropolitan Hardware Store Ad, July 14, 1853.]
Pistols! Pistols!! Pistols!!! I have constantly on hand a splendid assortment of–Colt’s and Allen’s Five and Six barrel Revolvers Allen’s Self-cocking Pistols Rifle, Saloon, Double and Single barrel, and Pocket Pistols in great variety.

[Daily Evening Star, Washington, D.C., Jno. W. Baden Ad, Oct. 11, 1853.]
To render his services valuable to a deserving public, he will not only make Guns, Pistols and Rifles to order, but will stock, alter into percussion, and repair all kind of fire arms neatly, quickly and substantially.

[Daily Dispatch, James Walsh Ad, May 27, 1854.]
Revolving Hammer Pistol

[The Burlington Free Press, Brinsmaid, Brother & Co. Ad, July 28, 1854.]
Guns! Guns!! Single and Double Barrel Shot Guns, Rifles and Pistols, for sale.

[Fayetteville Observer, Let all the ends thou aim’st at be thy Country’s, thy God’s, and Truth’s, T.C. Goodrich & Co. Ad, Aug. 3, 1854]
Just received, an assortment of Double and Single Barreled Shot Guns, and are daily expecting a large assortment of Rifles, Pistols, Revolvers.

[The Grand River Times, Wm. Preusser & Co. Ad, Oct. 11, 1854.]
. . . has on hand a large and well selected stock of Guns, Pistols, Revolvers, Rifles”/”Brittannia Ware, Guns, Pistols, Revolvers.

[Lewisburg Chronicle, J.O. Richardson/Danville Hardware Store Ad, Dec. 8, 1854]
[Wheeling Daily Intelligencer, Wheeling VA. Monday Morning, March 16, 1857. Volume 5. Number 170 Pg. 4]
[The Memphis Daily Appeal, Memphis, Tenn., Friday, August 02, 1878. Vol. XXXVII—Number 192 Pg. 4]
Dealer In Breech And Muzzle-Loading Guns, Rifles, Pistols, and Fixed Ammunition . . . fit Pistol Grips to both Rifles and Shot-guns.

[The Daily Intelligencer, W.T. Beard Ad, Jan. 11, 1880.]
Also a large stock of Guns, Pistols and Ammunition An expert Gunsmith has been employed . . . All Work Warranted to Give Entire Satisfaction.

[The Arizona Citizen, P.F. Nilson Ad, Jan. 17, 1880.]
Hardware, Arms And Ammunition . . . Guns, Pistols . . . Repairing a Specialty. Work warranted.

[Arizona Champion, Middleton & Hill Ad, May 9, 1885.]
[The Morning Call, San Francisco, Sunday Morning, November 19, 1893. Volume LXXIV–No. 172. Pg. 18]
[The Austin Weekly Statesman, Austin, Texas, Walter Tips Ad, Thursday, November 29, 1894. Pg. 3]
[The Record-Union, Sacramento, Tuesday Morning, February 19, 1895. LXXXVIII.–No. 154. Pg. 2]

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