Firearm Ads II

If you meet a snake and haven’t a gun, or if the firearm is antiquated…

[The Houston Daily Post, J.S. Dunlay Hardware Ad., Houston, Texas, Thursday, August 16, 1900. XVIth Year–No. 134. Pg. 7]
R.H. Macy’s Important Selling Events . . . Stevens “Favorite” Rifles Sold Elsewhere at $5.00–the fixed price. Our price, $4.49″

[The Evening World, New York [City], June 20, 1904. Evening Edition, Pg. 5]
[The Donaldsonville Chief, Donaldsonville, LA., Saturday, November 19, 1904. Vol. XXXIV. No. 15. Pg. 8]
Girls Women We Will Give You This Rifle

[The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., Sunday Morning, April 23, 1905. Sunday Magazine, No. 5.–No. 16,281. Pg. 17]
[The Evening World, New York
, Monday, July 02, 1906. Final Results Edition, Pg. 5 – Excerpted from; Siegel Cooper Co. advertisement, 6th Ave. 18th and 19th Streets, [N.Y.C.], New York]
“Do you want a Reliable, Accurate Revolver Price $2.75”

[The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., Sunday Morning, May 26, 1907. No. 114.–No. 17,045. Sunday Magazine Pg. 17]
Every Family Ought to Own a Good Revolver and learn how to use it Colt Police Positive

[The Sunday Star, Washington, D.C., June 16, 1907. Sunday Magazine, No. 117.–No. 17,066. Pg. 19]
“Colt Eight Shots in 1 3/5 Seconds An arm should be carried for protection”

[New-York Tribune, New-York, June 21, 1908. Sunday Magazine, Vol. LXVIII….No. 22,498. Pg. 17]
“If you are looking for a suitable present for the boy . . . We are headquarters for firearms of all descriptions.”

[The Salt Lake Herald-Republican, Salt Lake City, Utah, Sunday, December 12, 1909. Vol. 16, No. 15. Section Three, Pg. 8]
“Revolvers And Pistols. Reliable Makes retailing from $3.50 up, cut to $2.50 up….”

[The Washington Times, Washington, [D.C.] Sunday Evening, October 20, 1912. Number 7608. Pg. 19]
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The Best Like .22 in America for the American Boy

[Little Falls Herald, Little Falls, Morrison County, Minnesota, September 07, 1917. Vol. 29 No. 27 Pg. 3]
Security and Protection $17.50 Carry this revolver and be always fully protected.

[The Dallas Express, Dallas, Texas, Paramount Trading Co. Smith & Wesson Ad., Saturday,  July 23, 1921. Vol. XXVIII, No. 42. Pg. 5]
$22.50 Dreyse 32-Caliber 8-Shot Automatic Revolvers At $11.25 Each For Autoists, Store Keepers, Pay Clerks, Etc. . . Bolt Action, Canadian Government Rifles $5.45

[Evening Public Ledger, Philadelphia, Friday, February 10, 1922. Vol. VIII.–No. 128 Pg. 16]