Following are a list of pages not listed in the main menu that cover different aspects involving the importance of the constitutionally secured right of We The People to keep and bear arms. These pages can also be accessed by hovering over then clicking on the chosen page listed in the drop down menu on the Pages button:

America; Always Armed – Historical quotes concerning the fact that We The People have always been armed throughout our history.

A Right Demanded – The reasons why the right to keep and bear arms was demanded to be secured in our constitution.

Arms Quotes – This page lists quotes from others unconnected to executive, judicial or legislative offices.

Assault Weapons Myth – Historical evidence proving that supposed assault weapons are by no means anything new.

Biblical Quotes on Arms and Defense – Quotes from the Bible concerning the right to the use of arms.

Bill of Rights – An actual transcription from the National Archives and a photocopy of the original.

Communism In America – Provides irrefutable proof that communism has been in this country for over 176 years.

Constitutional Republic – The Definition of Constitutional Republic from Legal Dictionary.

Declaration of Independence

Federal Judiciary on Arms – Historical quotations from the Federal Judiciary on the right to keep and bear arms.

George Washington & Arms – Quotations from our first President which prove the right to arms.

Gun Control & Genocide – Provides evidence that gun control can often lead to genocide.

History of Democratic Party Treason – Self explanatory.

Kansas 1856; Free or Slave? – Provides evidence of democratic party treason that almost ignited a Civil War.

Preexistent – Provides evidence of a preexisting right of colonial Americans to keep and bear arms.

Right to Self-Defense – Quotations from executive, judicial, legislative and various others of our inalienable right of [armed] self-defense.

Slavery & Gun Control – A very sickening history of American gun control laws against both slaves and freed people of color.

Tenche Coxe Quotes – Quotes from an early American Patriot that was the Assistant Secretary of the U.S. Treasury 

The Republic – Proof that we are a Constitutional Republic – not a democracy.

The Right Exists – A very interesting and informative court case from the late 1800’s.

U.S. Constitution

U.S. Crime Rates – Charts which show the historical truth that gun control laws have no effect against crime rates. In fact, gun control often only makes those rates climb higher!